School Transformation: Self-Service

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To that end, this section includes sufficient information for school systems to implement a Differentiated Mastery (DM) model on their own.
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[Charles Darwin]

The only hidden cost to the District is reassigning one staff member per building to be the Teacher Trainer for the Differentiated Mastery model.

ScLS suggests that this Building Program Leader (BPL) maintain only one course that they teach, with half of the school day available to attend to training responsibilities as outlined below. They need time to mentor their colleagues but also must themselves learn and lead better by sharing the same opportunities.

After 2 years, 3 at most, the BPL could revert to having 1-2 periods per day to devote to ongoing responsibilities, particularly mentoring new hires.

It may be possible that the workload and scheduling might permit one BPL to lead at 2 buildings, though that is not recommended . It’s better not to push the boundaries in such a new endeavor or the results may be deleterious.

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Sample Calendar Schedule for Implementing Choice/Mastery
Building Program Lead Expectations
Job Description: Building Program Leader
How to Select the Building Program Leader
RUBRIC: Lesson Plans


The RUBRIC can be used to assess lesson plans to select the BPLs and should be given to them in advance to instruct their planning.

The RUBRIC can later be used by teachers to guide their efforts and is useful for BPLs when they are evaluating the quality of plans that teachers submit.
Job Description: District Program Coordinator (DPC)