ScLS Consulting Services

ScLS pricing aims to make consultation affordable for even the smallest districts.

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ScLS Services

  • Onsite Consultation and Training
  • Distance Consultation
  • Access to a Collaborative Community
  • Research, Review, and Sharing of Best Practices
  • Initial 5-year contract
  • Ongoing connection to Collaborative Community & Best Practices after 5 years

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Onsite Consultation and Training

  • Included in the yearly consultation fee are unlimited on-site visits.

  • There is a separate consultants fee for on-site visits.

  • All visitations will have an additional cost for travel and a per diem for food and lodging.

  • Districts will be responsible for printing any materials from ScLS for staff training.

  • Areas of potential on-site services from the Sample Calendar Schedule for Implementing Choice/Mastery found at

*Initial Meeting for Superintendent to Share Program with District Administrative Staff

*Supt. meets with Building Principals, Union representatives, & key Teaching Staff

*Principals share Differentiated Mastery program with building staff

*Principals lead Question and Answer session with building staff

*BPLs collaborate to develop staff training


Distance Consultation

  • Included is unlimited email, text, and phone communication.

  • Though most contacts will be with administration, Building Program Leaders (BPLs) and District Program Coordinators (DPCs), ScLS will happily be available to individual staff. Flexibility and Service where it is needed is our goal.

Access to a Collaborative Community

  • Staff can share effective lessons to the ScLS website and download lessons from other teachers in other Districts.

  • Staff can share effective class management strategies and propose solutions to challenges shared by teachers on the ScLS site.

  • Administrators may share successes and reach out for solutions.


Watch about sayin' "It can't be done." Somebody's liable to interrupt you by doin' it.

Research, Review, and Sharing of Best Practices

  • ScLS will do research to locate and evaluate Best Practices that can benefit schools, from classroom innovations to building construction and everywhere in between.

  • Best Practices that appear valid and practical will be shared with Districts complete with the necessary information to evaluate and readily implement them.

Initial 5-year contract

  • In general it takes 5 years to completely integrate any organizational transition, thus we aim to support you throughout this period with an initial 5-year contract.

Ongoing connection to Collaborative Community & Best Practices

  • At the end of the 5-year contract for a nominal fee, renewed annually, staff and administrators can stay connected to the Collaborative Community resources found on the ScLS website.

  • This connection also gives access to further on-site visits.
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  • $5,000/year for 5 years.

  • On-site visits will have an additional per diem cost of $180 per day for lodging and meals.

  • On-site visits will be reimbursed for travel costs. These may include air fare, rental cars, or automobile mileage reimbursement. ScLS will respectfully determine the least costly, timely means for travel with an eye to frugality.

  • The school district will reimburse ScLS for travel costs and the per diem rate within 4 weeks of receiving an invoice from ScLS.
  • The basic consulting fee covers up to 10 schools. If there is a school-within-a-school housed in the same structure, that counts as one school.

  • Districts with 11-20 schools will increase the consulting fee by the amount of $500 per school above 10.
    (ex.: 20 schools = $5,000 additional cost per year)
    (ex.: 15 schools = $2,500 additional cost per year)

  • Districts with 21-30 schools will add $1000 per school above 20.
    (ex.: 30 schools = $15,000 additional cost per year)
    (ex.: 25 schools = $10,000 additional cost per year)

  • Districts with 31 schools or more will add $1500 per school above 30.
    (ex.: 40 schools = $30,000 additional cost per year)

  • Districts 40 schools or more will require an individualized pricing arrangement.
  • On-site visits requested by the District will be invoiced for the $180 per diem and travel costs as stipulated above.

  • There will be a daily rate of $600, with partial travel days an additional $200.
  • After the initial 5-year contract, Districts can maintain access to the ScLS collaborative network and consultation services (both on-site and distance) for $2000 per year with annual renewals.

  • On-site services after 5 years will be at then current daily consultation rate and per diem.
Data Collected and Shared with ScLS

To gauge the continuing effectiveness of this model, ScLS asks that Districts share on a quarterly or annual basis the following data (without any personal identifiers) during the 5- year contract period and subsequent years of continuing service.
  • GPA: average of each grade level or list of GPA numbers

  • Discipline (incident type, number of, and severity)

  • Graduation rate

  • Retention/Drop-out rate

  • Number and percentage of students advancing to the next grade level